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Daily Online General Knowledge|Current Affairs Quiz:Current Affairs gk questions with answers and detailed explanation in English.

1.International Translation Day is observed on which day?
A.September 29
B.September 30
C.September 28
D.September 27

September 30

Note:Theme 2021:United in Translation

2.Name the renowned cricket umpire who passed away recently?
A.Badami Satyaji Rao
B.Wasim Raja
C. Phillip Hughes
D.Yashpal Sharma

Badami Satyaji Rao

3.Which Ministry has launched NIDHI 2.O?
A.Ministry of Agriculture
B.Ministry of Environment, Forest and Agriculture
C.Ministry of Finance
D.Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism

Note:Union Minister of Tourism and Culture:G Kishan Reddy

World Tourism day 2021: September 27

4.Centre has approved the capital infusion of how much amount into ECGC over a period of five years to boost export sector?
A.      Rs 1,100 crore
B.      Rs 4,400 crore
C.      Rs 2,700 crore
D.      Rs 2,000 crore

Rs 4,400 crore

Note:ECGC:Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Ltd.

ECGC Chairman and MD: M Senthilnathan

Headquarters: Mumbai

5.In which of the following state Women's boxing national Championship 2021 will be held from October?
  B.Uttar Pradesh


Haryana Governor: Bandaru Dattatreya

Chief Minister:Manohar Lal Khattar

Capital: Chandigarh

6.Which edition of 'PRAGATI' meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 29?
A. 38th
C. 32th
D. 31th


Note:PRAGATI is a unique integrating and interactive platform. The platform is aimed at addressing common man's grievances, and simultaneously monitoring and reviewing important programmes and projects of the Government of India as well as projects flagged by State Governments.

7.Cabinet has approved the doubling of Nimach-Ratlam railway line in Madhya Pradesh. The total length of doubling of line is?



Note: Project will provide easy connectivity as well as result in socio-economic development of the region.It will also boost tourism in the area as many historical sites, including fort of Unchagarh, are situated in this area.

Cabinet has also approved doubling of Rajkot-Kanalus railway line in Gujarat

Madhya Pradesh Governor:Mangubhai C Patel

Chief Minister:Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Capital: Bhopal

8.RBI has removed which of the following bank from the Prompt Corrective Action(PCA) framework recently?
A. Union Bank
B.Indian Overseas Bank
C.Bank of India
D.Punjab National Bank

Indian Overseas Bank

Note: The PCA is a framework under which lenders with struggling financial indicators are placed under watch by RBI. The framework considers banks risky on the basis of three parameters – capital ratios, asset quality and profitability.

9.Who among the following has been appointed as the MD and CEO of National Securities Depositories(NSDL)?
A.Padmaja Chunduru
B.G. Sivakumar
C.G. V. Nageswara Rao
D.Suresh Sethi

Padmaja Chunduru

Note: NSDL Headquarters:Mumbai.

10.LIFE, an environmental organization based in which of the following Indian city has won the Right Livelihood Award 2021?


Note: LIFE: Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment.

This award is also known as Sweden's alternative Nobel Prize

LIFE, the organization has been awarded for its grassroots approach to empower vulnerable communities in protecting their livelihoods and claiming their right for a clean environment.

11."Hwasong-8", a new hypersonic missile, has been tested by which of the following country ?
A.South Korea
B.North Korea

North Korea

Note:This is the first test of a liquid propellant missile in North Korea, such a weapon could travel five to seven times faster than the speed of sound. North Korea introduces missile fuel ampoule for the first time, this is a technology that allows missiles to be pre-fuelled and then sent to the field in canisters. This means it could potentially stay launch-ready for years.

North Korea Capital:Pyongyang

North Korea Currency:North Korean won

North Korea Supreme leader:Kim Jong-un

12.Who has become the brand ambassador of National Basketball Association?
A. Ranveer Singh
B.vidya Balan
C.Pankaj Advani
D.Priyanka Chopra

Ranveer Singh

13.'Jeel Albena Association for Humanitarian Development', organization from which of the following countries has won the UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award 2021?


Note:It has won the prestigious honour to support and provide a lifeline to tens of thousands of Yemenis people displaced by the country's conflict. The organization also supports displaced women to become self-sufficient and renovates schools, benefiting both the local community and displaced populations

Yemen Capital: Sana'a

Currency: Yemen Rial

UNHCR founded on:14th December 1950

UNHCR Headquarters:Geneva, Switzerland

14.Who has been elected as the first Director General of the Directorate of Ordnance?
A.E.R Sheikh
B.V.Ram Chaudhary
C.Debabrat Mukherjee
D.None of these

E.R Sheikh

Note:the Ordnance Directorate replace the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB)


Ordnance-a branch of government service dealing especially with military stores and materials.

15.Which of the world's oldest republics voted to legalize abortion?
A. San Marino

San Marino

Note:San Marino capital:San Marino

San Marino currency:Euro

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