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Medieval History-Question 24

Important previous year paper gk questions with answers in English  on Sher Shah defeated Humayun in battle of chausa and battle of kannauj or Bilgram

Important previous year paper gk questions with answers in English on Sher Shah defeated Humayun in battle of chausa and battle of kannauj or battle of Bilgram.

24. Humayun had to run away from India after he was defeated in the battle of ?
A. Panipat
B. Gogra
C. Khanwa
D. Kannauj


Note: Humayun and his brother Kamran decided to fight Sher Shah but due to the differences between the brothers, Humayun fought the battle of Kannauj in 1540 alone and lost.

Humayun became a fugitive and Sher Shah became the ruler of Agra and Delhi, thus established the Sur empire in India.

The battle of Kannauj was a follow-up for the first battle between the two forces which happened in Chausa.

The Battle of Chausa

The Battle of Chausa was a notable military engagement between the Mughal emperor, Humayun, and the Afghan, Sher Shah Suri. Humayun attacked Sherkhan with the aim of bringing the latter's province under the control of the Mughals. Sherkhan was an able strategist than Humayum and he coped up a peace treaty with the Mughal king. When Humayun turned his attention from the east Sherkhan attacked him at a place called Chausa. It was fought on 26 June 1539 at Chausa, 10 miles southwest of Buxar in modern-day Bihar, India. Humayun escaped from the battlefield to save his life.

Sher Khan, After he defeated the army of Humayun, he took over the rule of Bihar. In early 1539 he conquered Bengal and, through clever deception, the Rohtas stronghold southwest of Bengal. After the Battle of Chausa on June 26, 1539,after defeating the Mughal emperor Humayun, Sherkhan assumed the royal title of Farid al-Din Sher Shah.

The Battle of Kannauj|The Battle of Bilgram

The Battle of Kannauj took place at Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, India between Sher Shah Suri and Humayun on May 17, 1540. This battle is also known as the battle of Bilgram, Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri in the battle.

In the battle, the army of Agra led by the great Mughal empire, Humayun, and the army of Afghanistan led by Shershah Suri.

Both the armies remained face to face for about a month without fighting but as soon as the rains started, the camp of Humayun was swamped by heavy rainfall and all of their arms and ammunition were drenched. Sher Shah was waiting for such an opportunity. When he saw the Mughals shifting their camp on 17th May, A.D. 1540 he made an attack. It resulted in confusion and killing of Mughal army. Humayun fought valiantly but he was defeated and forced to flee.

Sherkhan started the Suri dynasty in India and its capital was in Sasaram, modern-day Bihar. He died five years after the battle of kannauj.

After taking over the power from Humayun, Suri decided to continue building an old fort that was situated in modern-day Delhi and made it his own fort. The name of the fort was Purana Qila (means ‘The old fort’). The construction of that part was started during the Mauryan empire and Shershah finished it. The name of the fort was also changed by Shershah to Shergrah.

During his reign of five years, Shershah started a new economic and military administration. He also issued the first known Rupiya instead of "Tanka" and provided a structured postal system in the Indian Subcontinent. Some of his decisions were praised by the Mughal emperors including Akbar. Suri developed Humayun's Dina-panah city and named it Shergarh and developed the historical city of Pataliputra as Patna.


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