GK Questions on First and Second Battles of Tarain

GK Questions with Answers in English on Prithvi Raj Chauhan:First and Second Battles of Tarain


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Medieval History-Question 23

Important previous year paper on indian medieval history gk questions with answers in English  on Prithvi Raj Chauhan,first battle of Tarain,second Battle of tarain and Muhammad Ghori

Important previous year paper gk questions with answers in English on Prithvi Raj Chauhan,first battle of Tarain,second Battle of tarainand Muhammad Ghori.

23. Who among the following was defeated by Prithvi Raj Chauhan in the first battle of Tarain?
A. Balban
B. Muhammed Ghori
C. Mahmud of Ghazni
D. Iltumish

Muhammed Ghori

Note:Prithvi Raj III, the chahman ruler of Ajmer defeated the invading army of Muhammad Ghori at Tarain near Thaneswar in AD 1191. But on 1192, Ghori attacked for the second time where upon he defeated Prithviraj in the second Battle of Tarain.

Prithviraja III , popularly known as Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora was a king from the Chahamana (Chauhan) dynasty who ruled Sapadalaksha, the traditional Chahamana territory, in present-day north-western India. He controlled much of the present-day Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi; and some parts of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. His capital was located at Ajmer.

In the first battle of Tarain(1191), Prithviraj of the Chauhan Dynasty defeated the Mohammed of Ghori, at Tarain near Thaneswar.

The Second Battle of Tarain in 1192 was fought at Tarain only, in which Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Mohammad Ghori. Muslim power in India was laid by the victory of Mohammad Ghori.

Prithviraj has been mentioned in several medieval epic poems by Hindu and Jain authors. These include Prithviraja Vijaya, Hammira Mahakavya and Prithviraj Raso.

Prithviraja Vijaya is the literary text from the reign of Prithviraj.

Prithviraj Raso, written by his court poet Chand Bardai praises him as a great king.

The medieval biographies of Prithviraj suggest that he was educated well. The Prithviraja Vijaya states that he mastered 6 languages. the Prithviraj Raso claims that he learned 14 languages. The Raso goes on to claim that he became well-versed in a number of subjects, including history, mathematics, medicine, military, painting, philosophy (mimamsa), and theology. Both the texts state that he was particularly proficient in archery.


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