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GK Questions on Battle of Chausa and Battle of Kannauj

GK Questions on battles between Humayun and Shershah   Previous year paper ssc questions     |  GK Questions| Battle of Chausa| Battle of Kannauj| Battle of Bilgram|  cgl previous year question   | multiple choice  |   previous year question papers  | competitive exam Questions  | questions and answers  | Medieval History-Question 24 Important previous year paper gk questions with answers in English on Sher Shah defeated Humayun in battle of chausa and battle of kannauj or battle of Bilgram. 24. Humayun had to run away from India after he was defeated in the battle of ? A. Panipat B. Gogra C. Khanwa D. Kannauj Show Answer Kannauj Note: Humayun and his brother Kamran decided to fight Sher Shah but due to the differences between the brothers, Humayun fought the battle of Kannauj in 1540 alone and lost. Humayun became a fugitive and Sher Shah became the ruler of Agra and Delhi, thus established the Su