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Craftsmanship not practiced by Aryans was?

Previous Year Paper GK Questions and Answers:Iron Age     Pre-Historic Period-Question 30 Daily Online General Knowledge Quiz:Previous year paper gk questions with answers and explanation in English on Indian History of Pre-Historic Period. 30.Which of the following craftsmanship  was not practiced by the Aryans ? A. Blacksmith B. Pottery C. Jewellery D. Carpentry Show Answer Blacksmith Note: Iron was not known to Aryans during the early vedic period . 🔑 Key Points ✔ Aryans: A nomadic, Indo-European tribe called the Aryans who suddenly overwhelmed and conquered the Indus Valley Civilization. ✔Iron metal was not known to Aryans who belonged to Vedic Age. ✔ The people of post –Vedic age used Iron . ✔ During the Rig Vedic period only copper was used for which the general term - ' ayas ' has been used. ✔ In a later period when iron came into use, copper and iron came to be known as lohit ayas and sya