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Words Satyameva Jayate inscribed in State Emblem taken from?

Previous Year Paper GK Questions and Answers:Satyameva Jayate State Emblem     Pre-Historic Period-Question 23 Daily Online General Knowledge Quiz:Previous year paper gk questions with answers and explanation in English on Indian History of Pre-Historic Period. Q23.From which of the following Upanishads, the words ' Satyameva Jayate ' inscribed in Devanagari script below the abacus of the State Emblem? A. Prashna B. Mundaka C. Ishavasya D. Mandukya Show Answer Mundaka Note: Satyameva Jayate is a mantra from the ancient Indian scripture ' Mundaka Upanishad ' which is one of the Vedic Sanskrit texts of Hindu philosophy. Upansihads , a genre of Hindu scriptures commented upon by the great saint and philosopher of India, Shri.Adi Shankaracharya . He was the foremost exponent of Advaita . 🔑 Key Points ✔" Satyameva Jayate " (" Truth alone triumphs. ") is a mantra from the ancient Ind