Daily Online Current Affairs Quiz:23 September 2021

Daily Current Affairs Quiz,gk questions with answers in English-Part4


Current Affairs Quiz-4

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Daily Online General Knowledge|Current Affairs Quiz:Current Affairs gk questions with answers and detailed explanation in English.

 1.Who is the CISF official who successfully scale Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, become the " Fastest India" to summit two peaks located in Africa and Russia?
A.Arunima Sinha
B.Geeta Samota
C.Malavath Purna
D. Chhanda Gayen

Geeta Samota

Note: Earlier in this month,Sub Inspecor Geeta Samota had scaled Mount Elbrus in Russia. Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe(18,510 feet).

2. who win the third term as Canada's Prime Minister?
A. Justin Trudeau
B. Paul Martin
C. Stephen Harper
D. William Lyon

Justin Trudeau

Note:Justin Trudeau belongs to Liberal Party.

Canada Capial:Ottawa

Canada Currency: Canadian dollar

3. Who has been appointed as the new Chief of the Air Staff?
 A. Rakesh Kumar Singh Badouria
B.Vivek Ram Chaudhari
C.Swaroop Krishna Paul
D. B.S Dhanoa

Vivek Ram Chaudhari

4. Which former cricketer has been elected as the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board ?
A.      Ramiz Raja
B.      Shaheeed Afridi
C.      Shoib Akthar
D.      Wasim Raja

Ramiz Raja

5.World Rhino Day is celebrated on?
  A. September 22
  B. September 23
C.September 20
D. September 21

September 22

Note: Theme 2021:"Keep the Five Alive". Rhino day is observed ever year on 22 september to raise awareness of the need to protect all the five existing species of Rhinocers,those are White and black(lives in Africa), Indian, Javan, and Sumatran(lives in South Asia).

6. Indian Air Force will hold an air show over which of the following lakes?
A. Wular Lake
B. Chilka Lake
C. Dal Lake
D. Vembanadu Lake

Dal Lake(Jammu and Kashmir)

Note: Theme of the show: "Give wings to your Dreams" Purpose of the show is to motivate the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to join the air force.

7.Who sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Punjab?
A.Gopi Chand Bhargawa
B.Prakash Singh Badal
C.Bhim Sen Sachar
D.Charanjit Singh Channi

Charanjit Singh Channi

Note: Charanjith Singh Channi is the first Dalit who become the Chief Minister of the state.

8.Which organization has launched the Planetarium Innovation Challenge?
A. NITI Aayog
B.MyGov India
D.None of these

MyGov India

9.PayPoint decided to associate with which bank to expand bank's network?
A.YES Bank
B.Bank of Baroda
C.Union Bank of India
D.Bandhan Bank

Bank of Baroda

10.Who won Norway Open Masters?
A. Koneru Hampi
B. D.Gukesh
C. G.M Anish Giri
D. Sani Maan


Note:D Gukesh belongs to India.

Recently, Telangana's Rithvik become the 70th Grandmaster from India.

11.On which day International Day of Sign Languages is observed globally?


Note: Theme 2021:" We sign for Human Rights".

12. Jimmy Greaves who passed away recently was the former Football player of which country?
A. England
C. Portugal


13. Which bank has partnered with One Card for mobile-first credit card ?
A.Axis Bank
B. Bank of India
C. HDFC Bank
D.Federal Bank

Federal Bank

14. Who is the author of the book "An Economist at Home and Abroad: A Personal Journey ?
A. David Ricardo
B. Raghram Rajan
C.Shankar Achaya
D.Bimal Jalan

Shankar Achaya

Note: He was the Chief Economic Adviser in Government of India(1993-2001).

15. Which state has inaugurated Southeast Asia's largest Product development centre 'Digital Hub' to support start-ups?
A. Karnataka
C.Tamil Nadu


Note: The project is completed at Kalamassery in Ernakulam district.

16. Which state issued circular against bureaucrats holding press conferences?
A. Karnataka
D.Uttar Pradesh



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