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Current Affairs Quiz,gk questions with answers in English-October-Part4


Current Affairs Quiz-4

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Daily Online General Knowledge|Current Affairs Quiz:Current Affairs gk questions with answers and detailed explanation in English.

1. Which state has received the GI tag for Edayur Chilli and Kuttiattoor Mango?
A. Nagaland
B. Kerala
C. Mizoram
D. Manipur


Note: Kuttiattoor Mango is also known as 'Nambiar manga', 'Kannapuram manga', 'Kunjimangalam manga' and 'Vadakkumbhagam manga' . 

In malayalam( Kerala state language) 'manga' means mango.

Kerala Governor: Arif Mohammad Khan

Kerala Chief Minister: Pinarayi Vijayan

Darjeeling tea is the first product to get GI tag in India. It got GI tag in 2004.

2. The Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) has decided to open how many standalone Aadhar enrolment and update centres across the country?
A. 166
B. 266
C. 167
D. 260


Note: CEO of UIDAI: Dr. Saurabh Garg.

Headquarter of UIDAI: Mumbai

UIDAI has total 2 Data centres, one at Hebbal (Bengaluru ), Karnataka and another at Manesa (Gurugram), Haryana.

At present, UIDAI has 8 Regional Officers (ROs) across the country.

3.Which state has received the GI tag for chinnor rice?
A. Kerala
B. West Bengal
C. Gujarat
D. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Note: The Kadaknath chicken was the last GI product of MP.

Madhya Pradesh Governor: Shri Mangubhai Chhaganbhai Patel

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

4. World Habitat Day is observed on?
A. October 01  
B. October 02
C.  October 03
D.  October 04

October 04

Note: World Habitat day was first Celebrated in 1986 in Nairobi, Kenya and the Theme for that year was " Shelter is My Right".

World Habitat Day ,Theme 2021: Accelerating urban action for a carbon free world.

The Habitat Scroll of Honour award was launched by the United Nations Human Settlements programme in 1989. 

The award recognizes individuals and institutions which have made outstanding contributions to urban development including improving the quality of urban life for all and the provision of adequate, affordable and accessible housing

5.A 1,000 kg handwoven Khadi tricolour, the largest in the country was unfurled in which state/UT?
A. Ladakh
B. Jammu & Kashmir
C. Gujarat
D. Himachal Pradesh


Note: The 1,000kg handwoven Khadi tricolour which is largest in the country was unfurled atop a high mountain overlooking the Leh valley to commemorate 152th birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

The tricolour is made by Khadi Dyers and Printers firm based in Mumbai.

The Flag measures 225 feet x150 feet.

6.White onion of which state's Alibag gets GI tag recently?
A. Gujarat
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Punjab
D. Maharashtra


Note: The white onion of Alibag in Maharashtra's Raigad district has earned GI tag. The soil of Alibag taluka has low Sulphur content.

The speciality of white onion is, low pungency, sweet taste, 'no tear' factor, low pyruvic acid, high protein, fibre , fat and high antioxidant compounds.

7.Who won the prof. Y. S. Murty memorial Gold Medal 2021?
A. Amish Mehta
B. Rupa Kudva
C. Ashu Suyash
D. K A Sujana

K A Sujana

Note: K A Sujana who won the prof. Y. S. Murty memorial Gold Medal is the Scientist at Botanical Survey of India

She got this award for her contributions in plant morphology and Taxonomy.

8. What amount of proposals have been approved Defence Acquisition Council(DAC) in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh ?
A. 10,000 Crore.
B.  11.101 Crore.
C.  13,165 Crore
D.  13,161 Crore

13,165 Crore

Note: The amount, 13,165 crore was approved for modernization and operational needs of the Indian Armed Forces amounting.

Government will procure 25 ALH Mark III helicopters from M/s HAL under Buy Indian IDDM at an approx. cost of Rs.3,850crore.

HAL- Hindustan Aeronautical Limited.

Of the total amount approved, procurement worth Rs.11,484 crore is from domestic sources.

9.Which bank has unveiled 'Utsav Dhamaka' campaign in a bid to further boost retail sector loan growth?
A. Indian Bank
B. Union Bank
C. State Bank Of India

Indian Bank

Note: MD and CEO of Indian Bank: Shanti Lal Jain

Indian Bank Headquarters: Chennai.

Tagline of Indian Bank: Taking Banking Technology to Common Man, Your Tech-friendly bank, your Own Bank.

10.Which country's President Rodrigo Duterte has announced retirement from politics?
A. Philippines
B. Ghana
C. Colombia
D. Mexico


Note: Philippines Capital: Manila

Philippines Currency : Philippine Peso

The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is at Manila, Philippines.

11.Indian Men's team won the bronze medal at the Asian Table Tennis Championship 2021. The championship was held in Which country?
A. Qatar
C. Oman
D. Kuwait


Note: The team consisting of Sathiyan Gunasekharan, Sharath Kamal, Harmaeet Desai, Sanil Shetty, and Manav Thakkar won the bronze medal at the Asian Table Tennis Champianship 2021.

The opponent team in Semi final was South Korea.

This is India's second medal at Asian Championship since 1976.

12. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that 5 crore houses will get water connection under Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM). JJM was launched in which year?
A. 2016
B. 2017
C. 2018
D. 2019


Note: PM Narendra Modi has launched the Rashtriya Jal Jeevan Kosh (RJJK) and Jal Jeevan Mission mobile application to facilitate contributions for creation of safe drinking water supply in villages. This is a part of the flagship Jal Jeevan Mission(JJM), launched by PM Modi in August 2019.

RJJK- A registered charitable trust set up by department of drinking water and sanitation, under the ministry of Jal Shakti.

Since the launch of Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM), 5 crore households have got water connection and now tap water is reaching every household in about 1.25 lakh villages, PM said.

13.ONGC Videsh Limited has recently started its exploratory drilling campaign in which of the following country?
A. Bangladesh
B. Nepal
C. Bhutan
D. Indonesia


Note: ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) has begun its  drilling in  well Kanchan#1 in Block SS04, at Maheshkhali Island in Bangladesh.

ONGC Videsh Limited is the international arm of ONGC.

MD and CEO of ONGC Videsh Limited: Alok Kumar Gupta

14.In ISSF Junior world Championship, Indian shooters won the Gold medal in the women's skeet team event and the Bronze in the men's team finals. Name the venue where the ISSF Junior World Championship held ?
A. Moscow
B. Lima
C. Ontario
D. Sao Paulo


Note: Skeeta form of trapshooting in which two traps are used and targets are hurled singly or in pairs at varying elevations and speeds so as to simulate the angles of flight taken by game birds.

Manu Bhaker won the Gold Medal in Air pistol by defeating compatriot Esha Singh.

Peru Capital: Lima

Peru currency: Sol

15.The Wildlife week is being observed from ___ to ____?
A. October 1st to 7th
B. October 2nd to 8th
C. October 3rd to 9th
D. October 4th to 10th

October 2nd to 8th

Note: Theme of 67th wildlife week 2021 is: Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining people and planet.

Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate change : Bhupender Yadav.

Minister of State in Environment, Forest and Climate Change : Ashwini Kumar Choubey

Headquarter of ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change: New Delhi


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