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In Mohanjodharo largest building is?

GK Questions and Answers-Largest building in Mohanjodharo   Previous year ssc questions     |   cgl previous year question   | multiple choice  |   previous year question papers  | competitive exam  | questions and answers  |     Pre-Historic Period-Question 2 Daily Online General Knowledge Quiz:Previous year paper gk questions with answers and explanation in English on Indian History of Pre-Historic Period. Q2. In Mohanjodharo , the largest building is? A. The Great bath B. A Granary C. The Pillared Hall D. A Two Storeyed House Show Answer A Granary 🔑 Key Points The " granary " of Harappa is found on Mound F. It is a brick structure that was built on a massive brick foundation over 45 meters north south and 45 meters east-west. The granary has r ectangular and squarish chambers . Its floor is made of ramped earth and plastered with mud . Two rows of six rooms that appear to be foundations are arranged along a