Daily Online General Knowledge quiz in English Part 3

Daily general knowledge quiz, gk questions with answers in English-Part 3

Daily Online General Knowledge|Current Affairs Quiz:Previous year paper SSC gk questions with answers and detailed explanation in English.

General Knowledge Quiz-Part 3

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1. The Theosophical Society was founded in U.S.A by ?
A. A.O Hume
B. Annie Besant
C. Madam Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott
D. Tilak and Gokhale

Madam Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott

Explanation: The Theosophical Society was founded by Madame H. P. Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott in New York in 1875. In 1882, the headquarters of the Society were established in Adyar, near Madras (now Chennai) in India.

2. Acacia arabica is the scientific name of?
A. Neem
B. Teak
C. Babul
D. Pomogranate


Explanation: The babul tree (Acacia arabica) is common in the Indus River valley, as are many species of fruit trees.

3. Who among the following is known as 'Martin Luthar' of India?
A. Swami Vivekanand
B. Swami Shraddhanand
C. Rajaram mohan Roy
D. Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Rajaram mohan Roy

Explanation: Rajaram mohan Roy is known as the Father of Indian Renaissance. He was an Indian religious, social, and educational reformer.

He was known for his efforts to abolish the practices of sati and child marriage.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s first published work Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhiddin (a gift to deists) published in 1803 shows irrational religious beliefs and corrupt practices of the Hindus as the belief in revelations, prophets, miracles etc.

He founded Atmiya Sabha in 1814,in Calcutta to campaign against idolatry, caste rigidities, meaningless rituals and other social ills and the Brahmo Sabha in 1828 which later became the Brahmo Samaj.

Brahmo Samaj was the first intellectual reform movement in modern India. It led to the emergence of rationalism and enlightenment in India which indirectly contributed to the nationalist movement.

The main aim of Brahmo Samaj was the worship of the eternal God. It was against priesthood, rituals and sacrifices. It focused on prayers, meditation and reading of the scriptures. It believed in the unity of all religions.

Brahmo Samaj was the precursor of all social, religious and political movements of modern India. Later, split into two in 1866, namely Brahmo Samaj of India led by Keshub Chandra Sen and Adi Brahmo Samaj led by Debendranath Tagore.

Rajaram mohan Roy was given the title of Raja by Akbar II, the Mughal emperor.

4. J.E.D Bethune was closely associated with?
A.      Abolition of Pardah System
B.      Female Education
C.      Widow remarriage
Abolition of Slavery

Female Education

John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune was an educator, mathematician and polyglot who is known for his contributions in promoting women's education in India. He was the founder of Calcutta Female School (now known as Bethune College) in Calcutta, which is considered the oldest women's college in Asia.

5.The Arya Mahila Sabha was founded by?
  A. Durgabhai Deshmukh
  B. rajkumari Amrit kaur
  C. nellie Sengupta
  D. Pandita Ramabhai

Pandita Ramabhai

Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati , was a women's rights & education activist, a pioneer in the education and emancipation of women in India, and a social reformer.

Pandita Ramabai was the first woman to be awarded the titles of Pandita as a Sanskrit scholar and Sarasvati after being examined by the faculty of the University of Calcutta.

Pandita Ramabai was one of the ten women delegates of the Congress session of 1889.In the late 1890s, she founded Mukti Mission at Kedgaon village, forty miles east of the city of Pune. The mission was later named Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission.

6. Where is the Zaruki International Airport is located?
A. Mumbai
B. patna
C. Raipur
D. Shillong


Shillong is the capital of Indian state Meghalaya

7.Bardo Chham is the traditional dance of which of the following state?
A. Assam
B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Chhattisgarh
D. Odisha

Arunachal Pradesh

Bardo Chham is a folk dance traditional to the Himalayan Buddhist Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, India. "Bardo" means "the limbo between death and rebirth" in Tibetan Buddhism, as under the Tibetan Book of Dead. While Chham, literally translates to "Dance" in "Monpa" language.

Bardo Chham is based on the stories of the victory of good over evil. According to the local beliefs, both good and evil exists within mankind. The dance is portrayed with the use of traditional wooden masks, representing the different animals and characters there in.

8.Niyamgiri hill is located in Kalahandi district district in which state?
A. Odisha
B.West Bengal
C. Punjab
D. Kerala


The Niyamgiri is a hill range situated in the districts of Kalahandi and Rayagada in the south-west of Odisha, India. These hills are home to Dongria Kondh indigenous people.

The Niyamgiri hills have one of India's most pristine forests in the interior. It is bound by Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary on the north-west side and Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary on the north-east end.

9.In which of the following state Sri Venkateshwara WLS is located?
A. Tamilnadu
B. Andhra pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Kerala

Andhra Pradesh

Sri Venkateswara National Park is a national park and biosphere reserve in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The total area of Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is 525.97 sq kms . Out of this, an area of 353.62 sq kms is declared as Sri Venkateswara National Park on 16-10-1989.

The Sanctuary is a wonderful abode for rare and endangered floral and faunal species which are endemic only to Seshachalam hills in the whole world.

Forests here are Southern tropical dry deciduous forests, Dry Red sanders bearing forests and Southern dry mixed deciduous forests.

10.In which of the following state Dachigam National Park is located?
A. Maharashtra
D.Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir

Dachigam National Park is located 22 kilometers from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. It covers an area of 141 km². The name of the park literally stands for "ten villages" which could be in memory of the ten villages that were relocated for its formation.

Dachigam National Park is best known as the home of the hangul, or Kashmir stag.

11. Where is the Udupi Thermal power station located?
B. kerala


Udupi Power Plant is a coal based thermal power station in Karnataka, India, established in 2008.

Udupi power station is a 1200-megawatt (MW) power station in Karnataka, India. Another 1,600 MW has been proposed.

12. In which of the following city Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoli International airport is located?
A. Guwahati
B. Bhopal
C. Patna
D. Chandigarh


Assam's Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport , also known as Guwahati Airport and formerly as 'Borjhar Airport', is the primary airport of the North-Eastern states of India. It is the 11th busiest airport in India.

13.Where is the headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO)?
A. Sydney,Australia
B. Melbone Australia
C. Canberra Australia
D. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that assists countries in economic and industrial development. It is headquartered at the UN Office in Vienna, Austria, with a permanent presence in over 60 countries.

Founded on 17 November 1966

Parent organization: United Nations Economic and Social Council

14. The Supreme Court has interpreted constitutional right to education as?
A. Fundamental right under directive principles
B. Right to life
C. Right to equality
D. Right to Employment

Fundamental right under directive principles

The Right to education is become the fundamental right and included in part III of the Indian constitution under article 21-A. This was done in the case of Mohini jain vs. state of karnataka .Mohini jain case was famously known as “capitation fee case

15.The time period of a pendulum depends on__
A. the mass
B.the length
C.the time
D.both a and b

the length

The time period of the simple pendulum depends upon the length of the pendulum and also to some extent it depends upon the degree of the amplitude. That is the width of the pendulum's swing. In general, the time period of a pendulum means one complete cycle that is one complete left swing and right swing.




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