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Current Affairs Quiz-11

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Daily Online General Knowledge|Current Affairs Quiz:Current Affairs gk questions with answers and detailed explanation in English.

1. Second phase of QUAD Nation's Exercise Malabar 2021 will be held in which region?
A. Bay of Bengal
B. Arabian Sea
C. Pacific Ocean
D. Indian Ocean

Bay of Bengal

Note: The Indian Navy, Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF), Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the United States Navy(USN) are the participants in the exercise.

The Phase I of the Exercise Malabar 2021 was conducted off the coast of Guam, in the Philippine Sea, in the Western Pacific

The Quad countries are Australia, Japan, India, and the United States.

Exercise Malabar 2021 is the 25th edition of MALABAR.

The Exercise Malabar was first held in 1992 as a bilateral drill between the Indian Navy and the US Navy in the Indian Ocean.

2. Which organization released the Multidimensional Poverty Index(MPI) Report?
C. World Bank


Note: The index complements monetary based measures of poverty, expressing deprivations that are manifested in people's daily lives in ways that go beyond the ability to purchase goods and services.

The global MPI is jointly produced by UNDP and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development initiative(OPHI).

The report provides estimates on multidimensional poverty for 109 developing countries. This include 26 low-income countries, 80 middle-income countries and 3 high-income countries.

The index measures each person's deprivations across 10 indicators divided into three weighted dimensions.

UNDP-United Nations Development Programme.

The United Nations Development Programme is a United Nations organization tasked with helping countries eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth and human development.

Headquarters: New York

3. Name the Chairman of DRDO, who has been conferred with the prestigious Aryabhata Award by the Astronautical Society of India, recently?
B. Dr. Satheesh Reddy

Dr. Satheesh Reddy

Note: Secretary DDR&D and Chairman DRDO Dr G Satheesh Reddy has been conferred the prestigious Aryabhatta Award by Astronautical Society of India (ASI) for his outstanding life-time contribution to the promotion of astronautics in India.

Dr G Satheesh Reddy is a pioneer in the area of R&D of advanced avionics, navigation and missile technologies.

Dr Reddy is also the Director General of the Aeronautical Development Agency. He has developed the fourth generation Light Combat Ship Tejas. Apart from this, he has made Agni, Prithvi, Akash missiles under his supervision.

4. Who won the F1 Turkish Grand Prix 2021 ?
A. Valtteri Bottas
B. Lewis Hamilton
C. Max Verstappen
D. Sebastian Vettel

Valtteri Bottas

Note: Valtteri Bottas (Team:Mercedes-Finland) has won the F1 Turkish Grand Prix 2021.This is his first title of this season.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull-Netherlands) came second while Sergio Perez (Mexico-Red Bull) finished third.

5. Who won 2021 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences?
A. Joshua D. Angrist
B. David Card
C.Guido W.Imbens
D. All of the above

All of the above

Note: David Card won the award for his research on how minimum wage, immigration and education affect the labour market.

Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens shared the prize for their research on a framework for studying issues that can't depend on traditional scientific methods.

6. Name the hockey players who have won the FIH Women's Player of the Year and FIH Men's Player of the Year 2020-2021?
A. Gurjit Kaur and Harmanpreet Singh
B. Rani rampal and Rupinder Pal Singh
C.Savita Punia and P.R Sreejesh
D. Rani Rampal and Mandeep Singh

Gurjit Kaur and Harmanpreet Singh

Note: Savita Punia got Best Goalkeeper(women) and PR Sreejesh got Best Goalkeeper (men), Sharmila devi got Best Rising Star(women) and Vivek Prasad (Best Rising Star(Men) awards. Coaches of India Women' team Sjoerd Marijne and men's team Chief coach Graham Reid grabbed the highest number of votes to finish on top.

7. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who passed away recently was an atomic scientist, of which country?
A. Pakistan
B. India
D. Bangladesh


Note:He is known as the "Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb".Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan , has died aged 85 years after being hospitalised with Covid-19.

Dr Khan was called as a national hero for transforming his country into the world's first Islamic nuclear power.

Dr Khan's work helped seal Pakistan's place as the world's seventh nuclear power and sparked national jubilation.But he was arrested in 2004 for illegally sharing nuclear technology with Iran, Libya and North Korea.

8. Vinata Aeromobility company will make a flying car for which country ?
A. Japan
B. India
C. Sri Lanka
D. Pakistan


Note: Chennai based Flying car maker, Vinata Aeromobility will make flying car for India

Vinata Aeromobility is a start-up company that intends to build Asia's first hybrid flying car. The startup's CEO is Yogesh Iyer, and its principal advisor, Dr A E Muthunayagam, is one of India's top space propulsion scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO)

Vinata Aero claims a 100km range or about an hour's worth of flying time. The company claims a maximum speed of 120kmph and a maximum elevation of 3,000 feet (900 metres)

The first prototype of the autonomous flying vehicle will be powered by biofuel and EV battery.

9. Who has appointed as the first Chairman of the newly set up Indian Space Association(ISpA).?
A. Jayant Patil
B. Vikram Singh
C.Keshav Rao
D. None of these

Jayant Patil

Note: Indian Space Association(ISpA) is the premier industry association of space and satellite companies.

ISpA aims to contribute towards the accelerated development of India’s space industry and making the country a leading player in this segment.

ISpA aims to contribute to the Government of India’s vision of making India Atmanirbhar and a global leader in the space arena, which is fast emerging as the next growth frontier for mankind. The association will engage with stakeholders across the ecosystem for the formulation of an enabling policy framework that fulfils the Government’s vision.

ISpA will also work towards building global linkages for the Indian space industry to bring in critical technology and investments into the country to create more high skill jobs.

10. World Arthritis Day is observed on?
A. 10 October
B. 11 October
C.12 October
D. 13 October

12 October

Note: World Arthritis Day (WAD) is celebrated every year on October 12 to spread awareness about the existence and impact of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. Arthritis is not a single disease but a broad term for more than a hundred diseases related to joints. It can cause swelling in or around a joint, resulting in pain, stiffness, and sometimes difficulty moving.

World Arthritis Day Theme 2021: "Don't Delay, Connect Today: Time2Work"

11. The floral festival Bathukamma is celebrated in which state of India?
A. Telangana
B. Odisha
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu


Note: Bathukamma is a floral festival celebrated mostly in Telangana and in some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Bathukamma means "Festival of life" and was celebrated to thank Goddess Parvati for her blessings for the crop harvest and income she helped to generate this year and again ask her blessing for the next year.

Bathukamma represents cultural spirit of Telangana. It is a nine days festival.

12. The Indian Railway has launched two long haul trains for the South Central Railway(SCR), name of the two trains are?
A. Indadhanush and Garuda
B. Trishul and Garuda
C.Trishul and Indradhanush
D. Nakshatra and Aditya

Trishul and Garuda

Note: Trishul and Garuda are twice or multiple times longer than the normal composition of freight trains. These long haul trains will provide a very effective solution to the problem of capacity constraints in critical sections.

Trishul is the first long haul train of South Central Railway (SCR) and consists of 177 wagons, or equal to three freight trains. It was launched from Kondapalli station of Vijayawada division to Khurda division of the East Coast Railway. SCR followed it up with the running of yet another similar train 'Garuda' from Raichur of Guntakal division to Manuguru of Secunderabad division.

13. International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is observed on?
A. 10 October
B. 11 October
C.12 October
D. 13 October

13 October

Note: International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is started by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about the risk reduction of disaster.

Theme 2021: “International co-operation for developing countries to reduce their disaster risk and disaster losses”.

14. National Mineral Development Corporation Limited, a CPSE has won two prestigious environment awards. Under which ministry it comes??
A. Ministry of Textiles
B. Ministry of Agriculture
C. Ministry of Finance
D. Ministry of Steel

Ministry of Steel

Note: NMDC has won Gold Award in Environmental Sustainability category and Kumaraswamy Iron Ore Mine won Platinum Award in Environment Management category.

NMDC is selected for the awards based on its contribution towards implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and Environment Management initiatives at its production projects.

15. What is the financial outlay for the PM Gati Shakti Master Plan?
A. Rs. 100 crore
B. Rs. 1 lakh crore
C.Rs. 100 lakh crore
D. Rs. 10 lakh crore

Rs. 100 lakh crore

Note: PM Gati Shakti will be a National Infrastructure Master Plan which will lay the foundation of holistic infrastructure and will lead to an integrated and holistic pathway to Indian economy.

PM Gati Shakti is a National Master Plan for multi-modal connectivity to economic zones.PM Gati Shakti plan will include 16 ministries including railways, civil Aviation, Petroleum, MEITY, Shipping, Road Transport, Textiles and Food processing together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects.


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